My Neighborhood

I love living in Arlington, and especially enjoy my neighborhood, Berkshire Oakwood, that hugs the Northwest Corner and is close to Falls Church City and McLean.  I consider this to be the most convenient place in the beltway, as you can get to DC, Bethesda, Dulles, Tysons, Fairfax, Manassas or Alexandria in around 20 minutes more or less.  This neighborhood has a lovely shopping center, The Williamsburg Shopping Center, with delightful local businesses such as Jin’s Cleaners: A tailor and dry cleaner so personal and awesome, she knows her customers names and faces, and immediately grabs your clothes when you walk in the door.

Backyard Barbeque is also a phenomenal local business.  The owners are long time neighborhood residents and serve up their gourmet BBQ all days except Monday.  My personal favorite is the Salmon with Mango salsa, but the pulled pork is probably the most popular.

The elementary schools here are also a big draw to the neighborhood.  My son attends Tuckahoe Elementary, home of the Tuckahoe Home and Garden Tour (and it’s our 10th anniversary) and Nottingham Elementary is another wonderful school that serves this neighborhood, and also serves as host to our neighborhood Williamsburg Civic Association meetings.

These are just a few of the highlights of living here.  We also enjoy close proximity to the Falls Church City Farmer’s Market, W&OD Trail and enjoy Minor Hill, the highest elevation in Arlington County.

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