I love first time homebuyers!

I love first time homebuyers

There is something so exciting about being a first time homebuyer.  Even 2nd time if it is your first detached house. I remember the feeling so well.  The excitement of possibilities of the things you can do with your house, the determination of making it happen (and boy it can be tough), the dreams of painting your own walls and planting your own trees and having your very own piece of earth that belongs to you.

I held open a house yesterday that is the perfect home for a first time buyer, after all, it was my first home. I met a couple who literally had stars in their eyes about this house, and I was so excited for them.   The energy they were sending off was palpable, you could tell the guy wanted to write an offer and move in tomorrow.   They might buy it or they might calm down and decide to wait.  Either way, it’s a great feeling when you find that first house that really gets you excited.    And when you go through and buy it, it’s even better.

It can sometimes take months of searching through hundreds of houses, and sometimes it takes only one or two.

This is a picture of me in this house in Arlington, Virginia, our first house circa 2001, happily scrubbing away at my worn out, hideous old kitchen that we were in the process of remodeling.   Why do I look so bug-eyed and delirious? The first time homeowner high. We remodeled that ugly kitchen, and made it beautiful, but even before we did that, I loved it, because it was ours.

Coral Gundlach, CRS

Realtor serving Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Vienna, Falls Church, Fairfax and Loudoun County Virginia


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About Coral Gundlach, Lifetime Top Producer, Arlington VA Realtor

I am a residential Realtor based in Arlington, Virginia, serving all of Northern Virginia communities: Arlington, Falls Church, McLean, Annandale, Vienna, Fairfax, Alexandria, Oakton, Reston, Herndon and close in Loudoun communities. My mission is to provide clients with the tools, information, and customer service they need to make smart real estate decisions. I will listen to your needs and guide you to make the best choices based on what your goals. My advice will always be honest, even if it means you might not sell or buy a house. Renting, refinancing or loan modification might be the best solution. If buying or selling is your goal, I will work tirelessly to ensure that your home is sold or bought with terms that are favorable to you. My relationship with you will not end after you’ve closed on your home, and you can expect to hear from me regularly to make sure all of your home related needs are being met. I also stay educated on trends in real estate, can provide you with up to date statistics, mortgage industry guidelines, home improvement and maintenance tips and tradespeople for all of your home related needs. I've been a Realtor in Arlington and Northern Virginia for nearly 8 years, and was recently awarded the designation of Lifetime Top Producer from the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors. http://www.coralgundlach.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/coralgundlach
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4 Responses to I love first time homebuyers!

  1. John says:

    As the person who took that photo, I can attest to the feeling it captured! There’s nothing like that joy.

  2. i love this! We are still living in our first house!

  3. Sharon Milton says:

    What a great read, and this is a wonderful home.

  4. Cara Mancuso says:

    I had the honor of helping numerous first-timers last year – their excitement feeds the passion that drives my business. I love the emotion.

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